Muck Boots Steel Toe Chore Work Boot

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Style #: CHS-000A

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Steel Toe Muck Boots are just the thing that you need when working around the animals or machinery on the farm.  The Chore Boot ™ is the perfect boot to tackle the really dirty chores and is made for working long days. These Steel Toe Muck Boots are one of a kind, keep your toes protected and have warm dry feet all day long, we guarantee it!

If you work on the pipe line or drill gas than these Muck Steel Toe Chore Boots are the best around for overall comfort, support, and protection.  Our customers love them and we know that you will too!

• 100% Waterproof, with these Steel Toe Chore Boots, you will have happy dry feet all day long, no matter how long the work day is. 
• Breathable Airmesh™ lining for comfort
• Slipper-soft comfort, you will feel like you are wearing a sneaker instead of a Muck Steel Toe Boot
• Easy on/off convenience the kick off on the back makes getting these boots off hands free.
• Quick clean up, just wash off with the garden hose and you're ready for the next day
• Lightweight & buoyant- your feet won't be dragging at the end of the day!
• Rubber outsole provides excellent comfort, shock absorption and traction on hard surfaces (asphalt, concrete, rocky terrain)
• Insulated to sub-freezing temperatures comfort range from sub freezing to 85°F
• Maximum protection in cold, wet conditions
• Supportive steel shank
• Has the additional feature of the SAFE-TOE steel toe caps to protect against the threat of accidental toe injury from tools or machinery
• SAFE-TOE construction meets ANSI Z41 PT 99 Section 1
• Impact/75 Compression/75 toe protection

Approximately 5 pounds per pair

The Muck Steel Toe Chore Work Boot are perfect if you tend to big animals such as cows or horses and don't want them stepping on your feet without a steel toe on!  They are great to wear around heavy machinery and farm equipment, easy to waer and great protection for you feet and toes!

Try a pair of Steel Toe Muck Boots today, believe me you're toes will be thanking you later!